Research Areas and Specific Projects

(1) Environmental fate and transport of organic contaminants. In this area, our research is focused on the fate and transport of organic contaminants in natural waters and soils. I am interested in the partitioning of contaminants among environmental compartments (water, soil, mineral, biota, air), as well as their potential for photochemical degradation in natural waters. We conduct photochemistry and sorption experiments and analyze samples using HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, and NMR.

(2) Understanding the pharmacokinetics and bioaccumulation of perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs). In this area, our research is focused on using analytical techniques to study the binding of PFAAs to serum proteins to better understand bioaccumulation patterns. We use fluorescence spectroscopy and 19F NMR to qualitatively and quantitatively study the binding of perfluorocarboxylates and perfluorosulfonates to human serum albumin and other serum proteins.